Online Casinos still accepting U.S. players bets

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Online Casinos still accepting U.S. players bets

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:10 am

Gambling for US Players

On the thirteenth of October, 2011, the then President Barack Obama had passed a bill banning the banking companies from funding the business organizations or individuals involved in casinos and other gambling games, in arenas where speculation was restricted. Followed by this bill on the eighth of November there was an official statement from the casino owners that they had left the United States market. From there on, no US resident could open a new account in any of the online casino sites. However, players who already had accounts were allowed to continue their gaming.

After this a lot of effort was put it to legalize gambling in US. Richard Carbon sports minister of the United Kingdom had initiated talks in legalizing gambling, but in vain. Later in the year 2007, a survey was conducted by the American Gaming Association, who came out with figures showing that a major portion of the revenue generated in the gambling business was contributed by the American players. And this revenue was supposed to increase to a great extent in the coming years.

The answer to the question whether gambling is legal in US remains unanswered. Those who are not interested in gambling call it illegal, but players who play without the help of banking organizations, and use credit cards and other means of payment still continue to gamble.

Therefore, if you have a credit card, then there are many casinos that are welcoming you to join them. Some of the casinos offer great bonus and free slots for United States players.


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