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Casino Coupons

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Casino Coupons
Coupons are given to players to cheer them up, to open accounts and start gambling. There are different types of coupons to name a few are:

Blackjack Coupons: These coupons are sticky coupons means they cannot be cashed. They can only be used to wager and make money using them.

Slots Coupons: Slots coupons offer bonuses on the slots.

Roulette Coupons: Not all Casinos offer Roulette Coupons, only a few of them do. These coupons work similar to the other coupons and they are sticky coupons and cannot be cashed.

Cashable coupons: These coupons are usually rare to find, as long time back when these coupons were introduced many of the players, withdrew the money and never returned to the game leading to the losses of many of the casino companies. At present very few companies offer cashable coupons but they come with a list of restrictions.

Craps coupons: The bonuses offered in craps coupons are also sticky. They can be used only to place bets.

There are lots more coupons that are offered by different casinos. Each coupon is different from the other. So, before you open an account with any of the casinos you have to do some research to find out which casino offers the best coupons. Do not just go by the name and the description, read the terms and conditions properly before you decide.

To know more on the different type of coupons you can refer to different magazines or check on the internet. So gather all the information before you start the game.


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