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Best Blackjack Games Online

Casino Gambling: Is there such a thing as lady luck?

While many gamblers consider the thought that neophyte players in casino gambling will experience the beginner�s luck, majority of them uphold to the idea that there is such a thing as lady luck in any casino gambling.
Yes, it�s widely accepted that casino gaming is based on chances�purely luck. No one is ascertained if you win today, lose tomorrow, win the next day and win again, or probably lose it all in the succeeding days. There isn�t any consistency about winning. Chances of gamblers in the casino�s premises are based on lady luck, they say.
One�s playing destination can be cited as based on fortune and destiny. A number of casino gamers use the phrase, �There you go again, lady luck!� This means that your winning was brought about by your being destined to be a winner and being a magnet to the fortunate fate at casino betting. But depending on the game type a game plays, lady luck cannot be given high credits at all times. There are games at the casino that actually entail skills, alertness and strategic mind work just like card games for you to decide on your destiny to win or lose.
Upon the moment you play your game, you condition your mind to win. That doesn�t happen all the time, though. Lady luck can be very disloyal, or let�s say, inconsistent. You may have had it for weeks or months but every casino gamer is really destined to lose in due time. Casino gaming is not a sure ball to hit at all. It�s why players must anticipate the consequences of getting into this lifestyle.
A more concrete notion has got into the world of casino gambling. Mathematicians believe that winning is all about �number�s game�, not lady luck. As believed, games such as blackjack and roulettes can allow you to win based on mathematical equations of every stance. Also, a thought that maybe the star and moon placement based on your Zodiac has something to do with your winning in a certain day. These theories are giving the players both strengths and limitations. Lady luck can cause a player to be paranoid sometimes to the extent that they want to escape from back luck. To fight the nerves of being in bad luck, some may have adopted the concept of rituals and superstitious practices that may bring bad luck. It�s either truthful or ridiculous but it works to others, and not to some.
Whatever one thinks believe on how to be a winner in casino, may it be based on numbers or lady luck, it�s still a game of both winning and losing. You win today and lose in many days or vice versa.


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