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Tips and information about Red Dog

We'll name this strategy Bet the 7. Although Red Dog is a game of chance more than skill, you can still use a sound strategy while playing each hand!

In Red Dog, the player places an original wager on the table and then the dealer draws two cards face up. The player then must decide whether or not the third card dealt by the dealer will fall in-between the values of the first two cards and if a raise bet should be made.

Once the decision to raise or not has been made, the dealer will pull a third card from the shoe. If this third card lands somewhere in-between the first two cards, the player wins. If it doesn't, the player loses.

Based on probability statistics, it is suggested that a player should only raise the bet when the spread between the two original cards is seven or greater where the player's edge is 54%. The players edge rises to 85% when the spread is 11 and lowers to 8% when the spread is only one. Thus, only raise your bet when the spread is seven or greater as the odds are in your favour!


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