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Online Gambling Do's

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Online Gambling Do's:

To get the best out of your online gambling experience, it would be great if you can follow the following Gambling Do's guidelines:

    Before you start play set your budget limit and stick to it. Set also your profit target amount and make it reasonable.
    Quit while ahead. The feeling is great and you are likely to win again next time.
    If you lose your set limit, quit immediately.
    Never borrow money to gamble and don't lend either. Lending money to a friend who is losing badly is a sure way of stressing your friendship - and probably the lent money too.
    Do your homework before you gamble online, not after. Read the rules, check the terms on bonuses and cashing out, in particular.
    Check the customer service response before you sign up with an online casino. Make a phonecall or send them an email with a question and see how long it takes them to reply.
    Check if the online casino is a member of a known association such as Interactive Gaming Council. This won't be a guarantee, but it surely reduces the risk of being let down.
    Be suspicious of anything that sounds to good too be true. It probably is.
    Learn money management, it is more important than the game itself.
    If you suspect you have a gambling problem, click here to read the Gamblers Anonymous Compulsive Gambling Checklist.


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